RMT Treatments:

30 Minutes – $85
45 Minutes – $110
60 Minutes – $135
90 Minutes – $210

Mobile in-office RMT Treatment available in the Vancouver area only – Click here for more details. – NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DURING PANDEMIC.


10% off all treatments for Seniors (65+) / Fire Fighters / Police / Armed Forces members / Veterans and Registered Health Professionals. Must have valid ID or proof of service for discount to apply.

*GST not included in the above fee schedule. If paid by cash or debit, we will pay the GST for you.

We offer DIRECT BILLING (for RMT treatments only) to most major extended health providers. Let our RMT know prior to your appointment if you would like us to process your payment through our direct billing system.

Manual Osteopath Treatments:

30 Minutes – $85 + GST
45 Minutes – $125 + GST
60 Minutes – $145 + GST (Recommended for initial treatments)

What is Manual Osteopath (aka Osteopathy)?

Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes on physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bone. Osteopathy relies on their sense of palpation to evaluate dysfunctions in the body.

The two essential components of Osteopathy are; one, structural assessment and two, all the different techniques for the treatment. The aim of the structural assessment is to identify specific somatic dysfunctions. Diagnostic criteria for somatic dysfunctions focus on the tone and possible abnormalities of tissue texture. Areas of asymmetry and misalignment of bony landmarks are also evaluated, along with the quality of motion, balance, and organization. The term Osteopathy currently includes more than 20 types of manual treatments administered by osteopaths.

Please ensure you come dressed in athletic / loose fitting clothing for Osteopathy treatments if possible.




The appointment time has been reserved for you. In courtesy to your therapist and fellow patients, we require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment or you will be responsible for the full treatment fee.